Tithon Biotech, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mr. Greg King, has joined Tithon Biotech, Inc., as its Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Vasilis (“Bill”) Paspaliaris, Tithon’s founder and Chairman, commented: “On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to welcome Greg and express my full faith and confidence in his ability to guide Tithon as its Chief Executive Officer.”

Dr. Paspaliaris further noted that Greg’s recent roles in successfully leading and driving high-net-worth initiatives across Asia, which has involved implementing preventative and regenerative care strategies, incorporating the latest advances in western medicine in conjunction with a blend of studied natural and holistic modalities has given Greg a keen understanding of Tithon’s world-class technologies and products.

With “hands-on experience” implementing Tithon’s technologies and products, along with developing the process and procedures to optimize the use of Tithon’s products has given Greg an “inside” understanding of Tithon’s world-class technologies. Greg’s familiarity with Tithon’s products and their implementation in their respective specialty areas will be a tremendous advantage as we move to accelerate the commercialization of our world-leading research.