Our Research and New Product Development

Our science team, supported by university research and selected medical practitioners, work tirelessly and with dedication in performing ongoing research and new product development with the vision and mission of relieving human and animal suffering resulting from degenerative medical conditions.

We have assembled a highly skilled and qualified team of scientists and clinical experts to undertake our Research and New Product Development, through which we manage both new and pioneering research, along with the further exploration of new and improved applications of our existing Core Technologies.


The Company, has undertaken the development of in-vitro-generated 3D organ tissue buds utilizing the peripheral blood derived pluripotent stem cells recovered utilizing its PBD-PSC Technology both for supply of various organ tissues for laboratory research and testing and as a promising approach toward regenerating functional and vascularized organs including kidney, pancreas, intestine, heart, lung, and brain.


The Company’s scientists have been able to differentiate peripheral blood derived pluripotent stem cells into primordial germ cells, embryoid bodies and then to oocyte-like cells. These oocyte-like cells express the markers resembling oocytes. The Company’s scientists are now actively observing whether these generated oocytes from peripheral blood derived pluripotent stem cells can develop spontaneously into blastocyst-like embryos via parthenogenetic activation or via sperm fertilization.

Besides using these findings for further studies aimed at perfecting the autologous treatment of ovarian infertility, it will also lead to a better understanding of overall ovarian physiology and the discovery of better drug candidates for treatment of ovarian disease or dysfunction. More importantly, this could lead to the autologous synthesis in culture of a woman’s oocytes for fertilization via standard IVF procedures.



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